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You're pouring your heart out for your family, who is pouring into you?
Adoptive and foster parenting bring unique challenges to families that most people don’t understand. Many parents tell us that they feel isolated and alone.

The Village is your place to gather with other adoptive parents who "get it" and be surrounded with practical support so you know you're not alone.


Access to live workshops with guest experts.
Completion certificates available. 


Live gatherings where you can be heard, get support, care for yourself, and build relationships with parents just like you.


Member discounts on courses and coaching.

Find hope for the future. It's never too late to invest in and improve your relationship with your child.

The Village is for you if:
You feel like no one gets your life.

You crave authentic and supportive community.

You want a one-stop shop for training and resources.

Being an adoptive parent feels harder than you ever imagined.
What exactly do I get when I join The Village?
For just $1/day* you have access to:
  • Behavior Management Q&A's.
  • The Hope Circle (for moms) or dad-specific gatherings.
  • The Enneagram & Adoption Collective gatherings.
  • A members-only Facebook group.
  • Live trainings with guest experts. Certificates of Completions available upon request.
  • Discounts on other group coaching offers.

*billed as $30/month.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I need Facebook to join The Village?
No. The magic of The Village happens in the Zoom gatherings which are posted on a password protected site and emailed regularly.
What is The Hope Circle?
The Hope Circle is our mom-only community inside The Village. Click here to learn more.
Does each parent need a membership?
Yes. We ask that each parent have a membership since there are dad and mom-specific gatherings. There is a discount for spouses. Check your welcome email for the coupon code.

Do I need to be a Christian?
While this is a faith-based community, all beliefs are welcome.

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